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Hi, I’m Kerrie Denton

Personal Development & Mindset Mentor

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motivation 2 conquer.

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m2c is a state of mind. A “can-do” attitude.

It is about having such an unshakeable belief in yourself, that you feel unstoppable. With a strong sense of worth and a positive mindset, you can achieve anything you set your mind too.

Conquer – Prosper – Flourish – Thrive

Thank you for landing on my website. I am truly thrilled that you have found your way here.

May I please introduce myself.

I am an Australian Multi Award Winning “Women’s Empowerment Coach & Mindset Mentor.” I am seen as a global leader in personal development. My absolute passion is helping women to bring more joy, happiness and inspiring energy in to their lives so they too, can conquer, flourish & thrive.

My mission is to empower women to live their best life possible. I do this through my online coaching & mentoring program as well as through my creative writing as showcased in my library of personal development toolkits and workbooks.

My authentic, no-nonsense approach combined with a wealth of my own life experiences and over 30 years of a solid, professional background, is what sets me apart in the coaching and mentoring space.

I help women to set their souls on fire by giving them the support, guidance, skills and strategies needed to create positive change by gaining more clarity, direction, passion and purpose. All the ingredients needed to feel:

  • More confident.
  • More centred.
  • More vibrant.
  • More excited.
  • More energized.
  • More happiness.


The Impact – Living a life filled with self-empowerment by connecting with your inner self which in turn, gives you a greater feeling of wellbeing.

Imagine being this person and so much more. We all carry so much potential and we are all capable of our own self-healing. Once we tap into that incredible power we hold within, we become unstoppable. However at times, we just need someone to lead us there.

It would be an honour to join with you and begin your journey of self-discovery and transformation together.
I will be your biggest cheerleader. Let’s do this. It is your time to soar.


It was an absolute honour to be chosen as one of five finalists Australia wide, in the 2023 Roar Success Awards for the “Best Health & Wellbeing Business.”

I am incredibly humbled and honoured to have my work recognized in such a way. I feel so inspired to continue on my quest to help as many women as possible to excel and find their true meaning of happiness.

I was selected and featured in the 2020 Marquis Who’s Who in America Awards. I achieved outstanding recognition as being a global leader in health & wellness. In particular, for the work that I do in personal development.
Kerrie is an International Certified Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. She is seen as a global leader in personal development which has made her a much sought after, International Speaker and Radio/TV Personality. She is also an accomplished Published Author.

In 2020, Kerrie was awarded the NSW State Government “Women of the Year Award” for her outstanding achievements and contribution to her local area including being an inspirational role model for women.

Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival 2020 discussing “Positive Energy”.

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Kerrie Denton T/A Motivation 2 Conquer

Business ID: ABN 20613044322

Disclaimer: Kerrie Denton will not be held liable for any plan, program, material or techniques provided as results are not guaranteed. This service offers support and guidance only.
Clients are responsible for their own decisions and actions..