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How to Get Motivated to Workout

Motivation is the driving force behind everything that we do. It is our inner fire that pushes us along. Once our motivation begins to slide, so do we. One of the biggest factors in depleting our motivation is ENERGY. Everything we do requires energy. When we feel...

NLP Technique for Motivation

Neuro Linguistic Programming looks at the way we think and how we process our thoughts. With NLP, we are learning how our minds work and how we interact with everything around us which we do by using our senses. These being our sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and...

30 Self-Improvement Tips

Personal Development and self-improvement does not mean that you are not already beautiful and unique. It simply means that you have an area in your life that you wish to improve on. Self-love is all about nurturing your mind, body and spirit, so you will always...

How to Create Your Own Personal Development Plan

We continuously have a wealth of ideas swimming around in our heads but seem to have no time to sit down and develop them any further. Our self-talk is going haywire all the time and it is driving us crazy. We all know that if we intend to travel, we first need to...

22 Tips for Motivation by Kerrie Denton

Have a vision board. This will keep your eye of the tiger focus on your goal. Make a plan and prioritize. You are more likely to be motivated if you do not feel overwhelmed with having to achieve too much. Choose one thing at a time and then focus most of...

Have you heard of the 3 Minds of the Body?

BRAIN - HEART - GUT Well what affects one, may affect all. There is a lot of scientific data on the connection between your brain, heart and gut. If you upset one, you risk upsetting the whole three. So to test this theory, I set myself a 10 day challenge...

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