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In the Media

Guest Interview on Australia’s Premium Live News Channel, Ticker TV. 24th August 2020. Topic of discussion: Mental Mindset.


Oxygen Magazine Australia

Featured 3 times.

Good Health Magazine Australia


Women's Health & Fitness Magazine Australia


U.K. in touch rugby.com magazine

Best gift ideas for athletes

Koshies Business Builders Website Australia


The Boston Herald

Featured 2020

Mister Supranational USA TV show

Hollywood CA 2018. Mindset Mentor for finalists.

Guest on ehealth Radio New York City April 2021

Let’s talk “Emotional Wellbeing.”

Hollywood Swag Bag

Red carpet gift bag for 2018 Award Season, including the Golden Globes, The Oscars and The Emmys.

Celebrity Connect Event

Selected to be featured at the Celebrity Connect Event in Los Angeles celebrating the 70th Emmys September 2018.

National Examiner Magazine USA owned by American Media

Featured 3 times in 2018 and Featured Again in 2020

Midday TV show Arizona USA



Featured 2020

Vanessa B Health TV

Sydney 2019. Guest Interview. Health & Wellbeing.

Northern Beaches Radio Station

88.7/Sydney FM 90.3. Guest interview. 2020. Emotional Fitness.

Interview: "My Story" for Fox. CBS & NBC.

Published 2021.

Las Vegas Informer


Splash Magazine USA


Hollywood West Today



Sponsor of the world famous Copacabana Times Square, New York City

Hollywood Red carpet interview

Hollywood Red carpet interview at the live finale of the Mister Supranational USA 2018 pageant by award winning Tyrone Tann from Stauros Entertainment TV in Los Angeles.

Red Hot Truth TV

Sydney 2019. Guest Interview. Motivation & Mindset.

Guest on ehealth Radio New York City May 2021.

Let’s talk “Stress Management.”

My Secret is Your Secret

This little book of powerful affirmations will motivate, inspire and help you to achieve success no matter what your goal is.

Words can have a powerful influence over your mind. When used as a tool, words can help us to reach out gorals by harnessing that power and channelling it towards changing negative attitudes and behaviours that have developed through poor word choices and undermining self-talk.

If you would like to improve your life in any way, this book can help show you how. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Beautiful Words

Wow, what an amazing book. This book hits you right in the face, in a nice inspiring way. You see a lot of books out there that all say the same thing, basically word for word… but this book is different! It is like she is talking to you, helping you every step along the way. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, or what you are struggling with – this book helps you with it all! Highly recommend this to everyone I know.

Empowering and inspiring. Easy to read and keep in your handbag for an inspirational fix.

Amazing book that truly helps you no matter what your goal is.

Thank you Kerrie!!! What a powerful little book. It helps you find resolve and ambition when you’ve forgotten how worthwhile you really are.

This book is amazing. So simple although so powerful which covers a wide range of inspirational quotes that is required in everyday life. The fact that I can place it in my bag and read it at any time is awesome.

I would highly recommend this great book to anyone as we all have a moment where we need a little boost and this book defintely does that. Love it.

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