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Kerrie is totally committed to providing personal development toolkits which offer worksheets and exercise’s that are designed to inspire and guide you so that you can live your life to the fullest. The toolkits that have been developed, are a result from Kerrie working for over 25 years in the women’s health sector, specializing in personal development in relation to preventative health care. The worksheets selected are from receiving feedback from many women over these years, as to what has worked best for them.

Personal development means being in a constant state of self-awareness. A willingness to grow and build on your current potential. At the very core of personal development is health and wellbeing which encompasses all aspects of your mind, body and spirit.

Self-care comes from this. It is all about cherishing yourself by consistently nurturing your mind, body and spirit.

Holistic health encompasses not only your physical health, but also your mental and emotional health. Self-care along with having a strong mental mindset is therefore vital when in the pursuit of personal growth.

The “selfcare toolkit” helps you to reflect on your current selfcare status as well as offering tools that can help you to recognize areas that may need improvement and how to do so.

Self-love is all about knowing yourself completely, inside and out. Therefore, it is essential to become aware of who you truly are in order to love yourself more fully. Self-discovery is about gaining more of an insight into oneself which can result in more happiness, clarity and fulfillment. Exploring yourself is definitely worthwhile as it helps you to become more calm, more aware and more tolerant.

The “self-discovery toolkit” will guide you through this journey by asking you questions that are going to help you to delve down so that you realize that your own emotions and feelings are all part of who you are and each piece of you, is truly worthy of total acceptance.

Kerrie’s mission for providing you with toolkits, is to inspire and encourage you. To keep you focused and excited so you will always continue to grow, flourish and thrive.

Lovely Reviews

Wow !!! Such lovely kind words spoken about my personal development toolkits from Alexandra Lyons.

Isolation has been a time for me to reflect and reconnect with myself. I’m privileged enough to recognise that this time in isolation has allowed me to slow down and turn my attentions inward. To really focus on strengthening my mindset and my goals for the future.

Doing this type of personal development work isn’t always as straightforward as we want it to be and heck knows it’s hard! So I’ve gotten a little guidance from Kerrie Denton, women’s health practitioner, online health coach & mindset mentor.

Her first two toolkits focus on self-care & balance and self-discovery, and I don’t think it’ll surprise you why I was drawn to her, since they are areas that I’m super passionate about already.

I’ve found the daily gratitude diary within the self discovery toolkit particularly helpful during this time in isolation with my family. When we’re so used to racing a million miles a minute it’s easy to forget about the things that are good that we do have in our lives 💕

If you’re looking to empower yourself and those around you by investing in your own positive mindset I highly recommend checking these out.

Alexandra Lyons

Jenna Hudson from the Self-love club movement says in order to ensure that she will prioritise her mental health, she has completed the self-care and self-discovery toolkits.
“Love these toolkits as they help you to stay focussed and positive.” Jenna Hudson

Complimentary Support

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