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Personal Development



Personal Development Makes You Happy and Happy Makes You Healthy

Kerrie is totally committed to providing personal development toolkits which offer worksheets and exercise’s that are designed to inspire and guide you so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Personal development means being in a constant state of self-awareness. A willingness to grow and build on your current potential. At the very core of personal development is health and wellbeing which encompasses all aspects of your mind, body and spirit.

No two toolkits are the same. Each one is unique and offers different workbooks, worksheets and exercises. You can instantly download them on to your computer and work from there.

However, I suggest if possible, to print them out so you can access them whenever and wherever you are. Also, putting pen to paper makes your words come alive which brings them to the forefront of your mind.

Some of the amazing benefits of personal development are:

Improves the relationship with yourself.
Heightened self-awareness.
Self-reflection and discovery.
Motivation and inspiration.
Positive attitude.
Discover your life purpose.
Goal setting.
Sense of direction and focus.
Better able to embrace change.
Provides clarity.
Increase in self-love and confidence.
Greater resilience.
Improves mental health.
Touches your soul and lifts your spirit.



Each of these toolkits are not a once only exercise. They have been developed so you can review, monitor, evaluate and reset when needed.

The worksheets selected are from receiving feedback from hundreds over the years as to what has worked the best for them and are easy to understand.

For exact content, please click on each toolkit.

Your Ultimate Goal Setting Toolkit

$49.95 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 95.

Also includes a FREE Time Management Toolkit.

  • Size A4. Pages 35.

Valued at $39.95.

Setting a goal is just the first step. You also need to devise a detailed action plan outlining exactly how, when, where and why you are going to execute it.

This toolkit will challenge, stimulate and excite you as it gives all the tools needed as you strive towards self-improvement.

Mindfulness Meditation Toolkit

$28.00 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 50.

These beautiful and soothing mindfulness scripts will surely help you to destress and reenergize. They offer a step by step process which will guide you through your meditation journey.

Self-Discovery Toolkit

$39.95 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 53.

Self-Love is all about honouring our true authentic self.
This toolkit will help to enlighten and empower you, along with offering encouragement and support as you delve deep within.
You will discover more about yourself than ever before. Designed to inspire and motivate you as you seek to understand your true emotions along with your true purpose in life.

Self-Care and Balance Toolkit

$39.95 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 63.

Nurturing our mind, body and spirit is the very essence of what personal growth and self-care is all about. This toolkit contains quizzes, exercises, checklists and review sheets that will keep you focussed and committed towards living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Self-Love and Confidence Toolkit

$42.95 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 70.

Self-Love for example is NOT about:

Your body type or how pretty you think you are.
Your age.
Your education.
Your area that you live in.
Your Background.
Your Past.

It is ALL about seeing how worthy and deserving you are, so you will live your best life possible. This toolkit really opens your eyes up wide, so you are able to see your true, authentic beauty – inside and out.

Time Management Toolkit

$39.95 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 35.

Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day and your to do list is just never ending?

Putting some structure in to your life and planning out your time in detail, can be extremely rewarding and productive. This toolkit will guide you through as to how to become more time efficient, instead or time poor.

Toolkit Bundle

$240.00 AUD $120.00 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 350 total.


Purchase all six toolkits together which has over 350 pages and a combined value of AU $240.00 –

NOW for only AU $120.00.

What an exceptional price for your very own encyclopedia of Personal Development Tools!!

Kerrie’s mission for providing you with toolkits, is to inspire and encourage you. To keep you focused and excited so you will always continue to grow, flourish and thrive.

Lovely Reviews

“Basic. Easy to understand. Old School. Boom. Really helped me to learn about goals and how to set then follow progress.

Perfect. Really really motivating !!!”

Susan Johnson

East Perth WA

Wow !!! Such lovely kind words spoken about my personal development toolkits from Alexandra Lyons.

Isolation has been a time for me to reflect and reconnect with myself. I’m privileged enough to recognise that this time in isolation has allowed me to slow down and turn my attentions inward. To really focus on strengthening my mindset and my goals for the future.

Doing this type of personal development work isn’t always as straightforward as we want it to be and heck knows it’s hard! So I’ve gotten a little guidance from Kerrie Denton, women’s health practitioner, online health coach & mindset mentor.

Her first two toolkits focus on self-care & balance and self-discovery, and I don’t think it’ll surprise you why I was drawn to her, since they are areas that I’m super passionate about already.

I’ve found the daily gratitude diary within the self discovery toolkit particularly helpful during this time in isolation with my family. When we’re so used to racing a million miles a minute it’s easy to forget about the things that are good that we do have in our lives 💕

If you’re looking to empower yourself and those around you by investing in your own positive mindset I highly recommend checking these out.

Alexandra Lyons

“I recently discovered Kerrie Denton at a perfect (but difficult) time in my life when suddenly everything was turned upside down in a matter of two weeks.
I had really been wanting to go to counselling, learn how to meditate and/or journal, create a vision board, as well as discover coping mechanisms for when I get stressed or overwhelmed. I needed to find ways to narrow my focus among my many interests/jobs/side hustles so I could really build what’s most important to me. I just didn’t know where to even start..

Kerrie’s personal development work books have been the first time I’ve really sat down with myself and answered questions for self-discovery. I think it’s incredibly important to find out what you really want out in life and the appropriate steps to get there.

I feel like I have the tools and resources to move forward into the next chapter and highly recommend her help if you want to cultivate positive change.” Cassie Amber

“I was gifted a Kerrie Denton Mindfulness Toolkit. I absolutely love it. As well as being very easy and practical for me to follow, it explained the benefits of meditation and how it positively affects us.

The meditation exercises are simple for me to follow and I find that I can draw on these techniques in my every day life. I’m finding it was very beneficial, especially in the current testing times.” Susie SK.

Sassy Yoga Studio

Jenna Hudson from the Self-love club movement says in order to ensure that she will prioritise her mental health, she has completed the self-care and self-discovery toolkits.
“Love these toolkits as they help you to stay focussed and positive.” Jenna Hudson

Complimentary Support

Kerrie offers complimentary email support, should you have any questions, or to seek advice or further clarity. Email: kerrietd@hotmail.com