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What an absolute honour and privilege to be selected as a Finalist in the Roar Success Awards for best “Health & Wellbeing Business in Australia” for two years running in 2023 and 2024

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What an absolute honour and privilege to be selected as a Finalist in the Roar Success Awards for best “Health & Wellbeing Business in Australia” for two years running in 2023 and 2024

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Personal Development Makes You Happy and Happy Makes You Healthy

Kerrie is totally committed to providing personal development toolkits which offer worksheets and exercise’s that are designed to inspire and guide you so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Personal development means being in a constant state of self-awareness. A willingness to grow and build on your current potential. At the very core of personal development is health and wellbeing which encompasses all aspects of your mind, body and spirit.

No two toolkits are the same. Each one is unique and offers different workbooks, worksheets and exercises. You can instantly download them on to your computer and work from there.

However, I suggest if possible, to print them out so you can access them whenever and wherever you are. Also, putting pen to paper makes your words come alive which brings them to the forefront of your mind.

Some of the amazing benefits of personal development are:

Improves the relationship with yourself.
Heightened self-awareness.
Self-reflection and discovery.
Motivation and inspiration.
Positive attitude.
Discover your life purpose.
Goal setting.
Sense of direction and focus.
Better able to embrace change.
Provides clarity.
Increase in self-love and confidence.
Greater resilience.
Improves mental health.
Touches your soul and lifts your spirit.



Each of these toolkits are not a once only exercise. They have been developed so you can review, monitor, evaluate and reset when needed.

The worksheets selected are from receiving feedback from hundreds over the years as to what has worked the best for them and are easy to understand.

For exact content, please click on each toolkit.

Mega Bundle

Mega Bundle

Digital – $127.00 AUD

Print and Post – $197.00 AUD


Purchase all nine toolkits/workbooks together which has over 700 pages in this mega packed toolbox with a combined value of AU $300 in digital downloads.

Ultimate Goal Setting Toolkit

Your Ultimate Goal Setting Toolkit

Digital - $27.00 AUD
Print & Post - $57.00 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 95.

Also includes a FREE Time Management Toolkit.

  • Size A4. Pages 35.

Setting a goal is just the first step. You also need to devise a detailed action plan outlining exactly how, when, where and why you are going to execute it.

Time Management Toolkit

Digital - $27.00 AUD
Print & Post - $57.00 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 35.

Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day and your to do list is just never ending?

Putting some structure in to your life and planning out your time in detail, can be extremely rewarding and productive.

mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Toolkit

Digital - $27.00 AUD
Print & Post - $57.00 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 50.

They offer a step by step process which will guide you through your meditation journey.


Self-Discovery Toolkit

Digital - $27.00 AUD
Print & Post - $57.00 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 53.

Self-Love is all about honouring our true authentic self.

You will discover more about yourself than ever before. Designed to inspire and motivate you as you seek to understand your true emotions along with your true purpose in life.

self-care and balance

Self-Care and Balance Toolkit

Digital - $27.00 AUD
Print & Post - $57.00 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 63.

Nurturing our mind, body and spirit is the very essence of what personal growth and self-care is all about.

self love confidence

Self-Love and Confidence Toolkit

Digital - $27.00 AUD
Print & Post - $57.00 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 70.

Self-Love for example is NOT about:

Your body type or how pretty you think you are.
Your age.
Your education.
Your area that you live in.
Your Background.
Your Past.

It is ALL about seeing how worthy and deserving you are, so you will live your best life possible.

Toolkit Bundle

Digital - Original price was: $172.00 AUD.Current price is: $79.00 AUD.
Print & Post - Original price was: $352.00 AUD.Current price is: $156.00 AUD.
  • Size A4. Pages 350 total.


Purchase all six toolkits together which has over 350 pages and a combined value of AU $172.00 digital or a combined value of $352.00 for print & post.

NOW for only:
AU $79.00 – Digital
AU $156.00 – Print & Post

What an exceptional price for your very own encyclopedia of Personal Development Tools!!

The Soul Soothing 3 Piece Gift Set

Print & Post - Original price was: $171.00 AUD.Current price is: $117.00 AUD.


The Soul Soothing 3 Piece Gift Set includes:

  1. Self-Discovery Toolkit.
  2. Self-Love & Confidence Toolkit.
  3. Self-Care & Balance Toolkit.
stress management toolkit

The Stress Management Workbook

Digital - $27.00 AUD
Print & Post - $57.00 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 80.


This workbook will help you to declutter your racing mind so you can gain more control over your stress levels giving you a stronger sense of calm, vitality and wellbeing.

This workbook teaches you how to combat stress in a healthy and natural way by giving you a variety of skills, techniques and coping strategies that you can implement into your daily lives.

Resilience & Inner Strength Workbook

Digital - $27.00 AUD
Print & Post - $57.00 AUD
  • Size A4. Pages 85.


Learn how to conquer adversity by developing inner strength and becoming more resilient. This workbook will help you to embrace change by giving you the tools and strategies to support your mental and emotional wellbeing when faced with a crisis.

Workbook Bundle

Digital - Original price was: $54.00 AUD.Current price is: $38.00 AUD.
Print & Post - Original price was: $114.00 AUD.Current price is: $79.00 AUD.


Purchase both the Stress Management Workbook along with the Resilience & Inner Strength Workbook for double the value.

NOW for only:
AU $38.00 – Digital
AU $79 – Print & Post

motivation mindset

Motivation & Mindset Workbook

Digital - Original price was: $35.00 AUD.Current price is: $25.00 AUD.
Print & Post - Original price was: $65.00 AUD.Current price is: $55.00 AUD.
Supercharge Your Motivation & Mindset.

This workbook will help drive your motivation to new levels, giving you that unstoppable mindset we all strive to achieve.

It is the ultimate workbook that can help you to gain clarity, direction, focus and commitment which are all the key factors needed for self-motivation and developing that strong state of mind.

Kerrie’s mission for providing you with toolkits, is to inspire and encourage you. To keep you focused and excited so you will always continue to grow, flourish and thrive.

Lovely Reviews

After loving Kerrie’s personal development toolkits which made such a difference in my life, I decided to invest in myself even more and enrolled in her online “Women’s Empowerment” 4 week program.

It was honestly one of the best things I could ever have done for myself. With Kerrie’s help, I had a huge shift in my perceptions and mindset. We addressed my insecurities and low self-esteem.

I feel so grateful that I found her toolkits and service. I feel so much more grounded and happy and will definitely have follow up sessions with her later.

Tania McD.


Thank you Kerrie Denton. My toolkit package is absolutely beautiful. I felt inspired the minute I opened it.

Everything in them including all the exercises and questionnaires have helped me more than I can say.

I am so happy I found them.

Lena Abello


These books helped me to see that I do deserve a better life and it is up to me to change.

Recommend them for anyone looking to better themselves.


Rotherhithe London U.K.

I purchased the stress management workbook when I was really overwhelmed with life.

It was the best thing I ever did. Really helped me to calm down so I could gain a perspective on life and taught me how to find balance and peace. I definitely recommend this for others.


Coles Bay Tasmania

If you have lost your way in life or troubled in anyway, I thoroughly recommend Kerrie’s books. I have been working my way through her workbooks and have found them extremely beneficial. They have helped me find myself and clear my mind, body and soul. Cannot recommend these highly enough ❤️❤️❤️

Rosalie Baseler

New South Wales

Ohhh my goodness how my heart is full ❤️ with your amazing package that was waiting for me at work this morning ! 

I cannot thank you enough, it’s perfect timing as I am going away with my sister for a week for rest & relaxation. 

I already have my bracelet on and I just love my pen and thank you card ……  


Kim Raatjes


Identifying personal values, plus what’s important in my life, is motivating me to choose the right path. Purchasing Kerrie Denton’s, 6 book toolkit, is directing me back to the right path again, these motivational toolkits, are written in a way that are easy to incorporate into our daily lives.  I love the motivational quotes. I am naturally a positive person, yet in life, we all need a helping hand to remind ourselves of how to move forward, especially through this pandemic.

The world has experienced a major change, stress levels rising in people they may not have felt prior to covid, so I have found it essential, to assist me to feel like I did prior to pandemic, to move forward, to create a balance in my life, acknowledging myself and others, for the good, to learn to self love again, time management and goal setting.

I’m learning more about myself, each day, and able to care for my family and myself.  With these tools I am sure I will be able to restore the balance.

Miss Blaize A Kerr


Received my toolkits today and this is my photo. It was nicely packaged. Appreciated the express delivery as Victoria is in lockdown again. So excited to get started. Thank you.

Craigieburn Victoria

The simplicity of these toolkits for me has been life changing. They have completely changed how I feel about myself and how I view my life. Highly recommend. Thank you so much.

St Helens Tasmania

Thank you Kerrie Denton for your outstanding tool kits! They have been a absolute game changer for me! I highly recommend this guys! I have learnt so much! So inspiring and informative. Thanks again! X

Merrin Schnabel, Victoria

I adore the programs. I’m a huge advocate for personal development and have gained a lot of insights and personal lessons from my journey over the years. I’ve done countless courses and yet this program in it’s fun simplicity was easy to follow, participate and most importantly implement. Sometimes I find myself lost in information overload, so I really appreciate the step by step guidance in these programs which kept my journey of unpacking and rebuilding fun and tangible.

Thank you Kerrie, Highly recommend!

Bryony Carter

“Basic. Easy to understand. Old School. Boom. Really helped me to learn about goals and how to set then follow progress.

Perfect. Really really motivating !!!”

Susan Johnson

East Perth WA

Wow !!! Such lovely kind words spoken about my personal development toolkits from Alexandra Lyons.

Isolation has been a time for me to reflect and reconnect with myself. I’m privileged enough to recognise that this time in isolation has allowed me to slow down and turn my attentions inward. To really focus on strengthening my mindset and my goals for the future.

Doing this type of personal development work isn’t always as straightforward as we want it to be and heck knows it’s hard! So I’ve gotten a little guidance from Kerrie Denton, women’s health practitioner, online health coach & mindset mentor.

Her first two toolkits focus on self-care & balance and self-discovery, and I don’t think it’ll surprise you why I was drawn to her, since they are areas that I’m super passionate about already.

I’ve found the daily gratitude diary within the self discovery toolkit particularly helpful during this time in isolation with my family. When we’re so used to racing a million miles a minute it’s easy to forget about the things that are good that we do have in our lives 💕

If you’re looking to empower yourself and those around you by investing in your own positive mindset I highly recommend checking these out.

Alexandra Lyons

I received my Print Out Pack, must say I absolutely love it, I put my bracelet straight on.

I can not thank you enough, I am super excited to begin reading & working through my booklets as well as using them to better myself.

Thank you so very much and HAPPY XMAS.

Mel Jane

Melbourne, Victoria

The simplicity of the workbooks is what actually worked the best for me. They helped me to align with my inner self which empowered me to take more control of my thoughts and push away the fears that were holding me back. The affirmations help me every day to stay positive and I have put some of them on my fridge as a daily reminder of how worthy I really am.
Jeanne Ford

Columbus Ohio. USA.

I loved my toolkits. They are beautiful. Just awesome. Thank you for doing them. I had a big shift and I feel the exercise gave me simple strategies that I could understand and follow.
Anu Khan

Ballarat Victoria

These toolkits are exactly what I needed. Especially the Self discovery one. I needed to get clarity on who I am and where I wanted to go. These toolkits helped me to get moving in my chosen direction and help me to stay motivated so I stay on the right path but most of all they helped me to believe in myself as a person.
Tracey Willis

Bondi NSW

I have purchased all workbooks to deliver these workshops to our women’s group. Our service works with women (and their children) who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, so this product is exactly what they need as they work towards recovery and sustainable futures. We have engaged Kerrie’s services to personally deliver two workshops and are very keen for this engagement.

Tammy Marks

Senior Case Manager - Sisters Housing Enterprises, Wagga Wagga NSW

I loved the toolkits! I had them ever so kindly gifted to me by a friend when I was struggling with very bad anxiety and situational depression mid 2020.

It took a lot for me to sit with myself and reflect on my emotions and my struggles, but the toolkits really helped me to dig deep and find my self confidence, self compassion and trust in myself again.

I also loved the little handbook of positive affirmations. When I was having a bad time I would read over them and some of them really resonated with me and gave me a feeling of empowerment. I’m grateful to have come across them. 

Sarah Boorman

Sydney NSW

Thank you so much my order arrived today and can’t wait for the journey I can now embark on using your books. So excited !!!
Nukara Lee

Perth WA

These toolkits are awesome. Thank you.
Suzette Mann

Erina NSW

I am in my fifties and was suffering from imposter system and starting to doubt everything about myself. These toolkits helped me to get past all of this and feel so worthy and inspired again. I highly recommend doing the self-discovery toolkit and the goal setting one as I re-evaluated where I wanted to go from here.

There is nothing fancy about these toolkits. They are just easy to understand and go through so you can get the most out of them.


From Boulder City Nevada

Kerrie’s Self-love & Confidence toolkit was amazing. So impactful and powerful. When I completed the personal qualities exercise it was like O M Geeee, my real aha moment as it opened my eyes as to how many beautiful qualities I really do have.

This toolkit really did help me a lot to be way more confident and feel better about myself.

Anne F.

Western Sydney

“I recently discovered Kerrie Denton at a perfect (but difficult) time in my life when suddenly everything was turned upside down in a matter of two weeks.
I had really been wanting to go to counselling, learn how to meditate and/or journal, create a vision board, as well as discover coping mechanisms for when I get stressed or overwhelmed. I needed to find ways to narrow my focus among my many interests/jobs/side hustles so I could really build what’s most important to me. I just didn’t know where to even start..

Kerrie’s personal development work books have been the first time I’ve really sat down with myself and answered questions for self-discovery. I think it’s incredibly important to find out what you really want out in life and the appropriate steps to get there.

I feel like I have the tools and resources to move forward into the next chapter and highly recommend her help if you want to cultivate positive change.”

Cassie Amber

“I was gifted a Kerrie Denton Mindfulness Toolkit. I absolutely love it. As well as being very easy and practical for me to follow, it explained the benefits of meditation and how it positively affects us.

The meditation exercises are simple for me to follow and I find that I can draw on these techniques in my every day life. I’m finding it was very beneficial, especially in the current testing times.”

Susie SK.

Sassy Yoga Studio

Jenna Hudson from the Self-love club movement says in order to ensure that she will prioritise her mental health, she has completed the self-care and self-discovery toolkits.
“Love these toolkits as they help you to stay focussed and positive.”
Jenna Hudson

“OMG, I bought all the works books and I have started the stress management. I have learnt so much from the first section. I’m super excited for what the rest to bring. I brought the digital copies as I am a visual person and I so would recommend giving it a go. The value is amazing, I wouldn’t hesitate because you will regret it.

Thank you Kerrie for creating these books, thank you for helping me re create myself with these books. 100% recommend.”


Ipswich, Queensland

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