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Published by: Girl Bosses Australia

How To Create A Successful Habit


According to many experts, it takes 21 days to break a habit or to form a new one. However, the time period can really be influenced by how much of an intense emotion you attach to it and by emotion, I mean your feelings and your attitude. Forming a new habit can enhance your performance, replace a bad habit or start a new one.

Did you know that in some cases, it can take just one split second to change your attitude and decide to form a new habit or remove a bad one?  Some may desire the need to develop a new habit instantly, but others take years to get there. Here is an example of what I mean.

A smoker has had numerous attempts to give up this habit without any success. Then one day after a trip to the doctor, he or she is told if you do not stop smoking, you are at serious risk of lung cancer and was shown graphic images to support it.

The smoker experiences an intense emotional reaction at this time and makes a committed decision to cease smoking immediately. Then after this, that horrible image comes to mind whenever the smoker has an urge to smoke. He or she may again experience the same intense emotional reaction which then acts as a constant reminder that the smoker has made a committed decision to give up smoking. Hence, an emotional attachment can really enhance your level of success.


Here are some tips as to how to form a new habit which I refer to as my see it, say it and feel it process. A habit is simply another word for repeated behaviour. It is what you do on a regular basis.


1) Make a decision. Decide on exactly what you want your new behaviour to be. If it is to improve on your physical fitness, decide what time of day you are going to factor exercise in and then plan as to how you are going to do it. If you decide to get up early for a morning run; you set the alarm, follow your new routine and then commit to doing it.


2) Commit fully and completely. There is absolutely no room for excuses. If you have decided that you will get up every morning an hour earlier to exercise, then that is what you will do. However, when circumstances beyond your control prevent this, start your routine again sooner rather than later. Being committed is vital to your success. If you are not quite there yet, you first need to work out why? What is holding you back and what are your obstacles? A strong mental mindset is imperative to how long you can sustain your new habit.


3) Share your commitment with others. Having said this, make sure who you tell is someone that you can trust to support you, encourage you and who will celebrate your new achievements with you.



4) Make visualization part of your daily morning routine. The more you see yourself performing your new habit, the more it will bring it to life. Play the entire scene out in your mind as if you are watching yourself in a movie.


5) Add an affirmation on to your visualization. Create an affirmation which is truly meaningful to you. Affirmations are a very special and powerful tool that can increase your self-esteem and your self-confidence.



6) Lastly, add on your emotion. Literally feel the intensity of your emotion. Feel the joy of performing your new behaviour. Feel excited, passionate, energised, proud and all your positive energy will flow on through this.


Please note, you must also be prepared to accept that persistence, consistency and repetition is the key to your success. The more you follow your process, the more momentum and power you will gain. Make it a daily part of your routine and your subconscious will soon pick up that this is now an expected part of your daily life.


Achieving a new habit requires a very focussed state of attention. The see it, say it and feel it process performed each and every morning, can set you up in the right frame of mind which can carry you through your day.

Repeat your affirmations whenever you can to give you that added bit of focus. If you have the opportunity, take a few minutes to sit quietly with some deep breathing and practise seeing, saying and feeling your new habit.


One last thing, we are all humans and thrive on being rewarded. It is super important to celebrate your new behaviour with something special. Go and have that luxury day at the spa. Spoil yourself with some new clothes or some lovely fresh flowers. Anything that will make you feel pampered as never ever forget, WE ARE ALL WORTH IT AND DESERVE IT.


Kerrie Denton

Motivational Mindset Coach. Women’s Health Practitioner.

Author of My Secret is Your Secret – Book of Affirmations which has been gifted to Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streepand many more movie stars as part of the “Red Carpet Hollywood Swag Bags” for Award Seasons 2018 Golden Globes, The Oscars and The Emmys.

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