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Self-Empowerment Program

Become a much happier & confident you.

Personal growth is a direct result of “Self-Empowerment.”
To empower oneself means to take control of your life.

You do this by:

Raising your Self-Awareness.
Examining your values and beliefs.
Setting realistic goals.
Embracing your challenges.
Learning new skills.
Mapping out your own life’s plan.

Having a commitment and desire to continuously evolve and grow, is what gives you your freedom and this in turn, is incredibly powerful.

I have been running in person “Women’s Empowerment Workshops” in small groups for many years. As my greatest passion is to help as many women as possible live their best life, I decided that it would be of great benefit, to also offer the same program online via one on one private mentoring. Just you and I where you are in your own environment in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

This course is not a counselling or therapy program. It is completely non-confrontational in a nurturing, safe space. We are just two women having conversations as I guide and assist you through this jam packed program. My only goal is to help you to flourish and thrive.

Program Outline

I would love for you to read the program outline. Please note that each session will begin with a ten minute mindfulness meditation so you feel grounded and ready to be in the present. This is so you can get the absolute most out of our time together.
Mindfulness Meditation – Settle your thoughts and raise your vibe.
Self-Awareness – Emotional Intelligence.
Changing States. From Being Stuck to Moving Forward. Breaking Through the NLP Way.
Stepping into Your Happiness Flow.
Monthly Happiness Audit.
8 Steps to Achieving & Maintaining Positive Energy
Mindset, Mental Fitness and Inner Strength.
Building Resilience.
Learning the relationship between Power and Control.
Create Your Own Mental Rehearsal Plan.
You can choose an intense program where we meet via Zoom for four, one hour sessions at a pace that you choose. We can meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The other option is to choose a longer timeframe where we meet via Zoom for eight, forty five minute sessions again at a pace that you choose.

Additional to our sessions for either option, you will receive:

Women’s Empowerment Complete Workbook.
Resilience & Inner Strength Workbook.
31 days of Motivation & Mindset Inspirational Quotes.
My international successful little motivational book, “My Secret is Your Secret.”

So, are you ready to delve deep into your transformational journey through self-empowerment?

If yes, then prior to purchasing, please call or email me today so we can best work out what time fits in with you and then we can proceed to get you started.

Phone: 61 413 382236

Email: kerrietd@hotmail.com

Your new tomorrow starts today

4 One Hour Sessions:

$380.00 AUD
Before booking in, please call or email me today so we can best work out what time fits in with you and then we can proceed to get you started.

Phone: +61 413 382 236.

Afterpay Available

8 Forty Five Minute Sessions:

$568.00 AUD
Before booking in, please call or email me today so we can best work out what time fits in with you and then we can proceed to get you started.

Phone: +61 413 382 236.

Afterpay Available

What others have said:

“After loving Kerrie’s personal development toolkits which made such a difference in my life, I decided to invest in myself even more and enrolled in her online “Women’s Empowerment” 4 week program. It was honestly one of the best things I could ever have done for myself. With Kerrie’s help, I had a huge shift in my perceptions and mindset. We addressed my insecurities and low self-esteem. I feel so grateful that I found her toolkits and service. I feel so much more grounded and happy and will definitely have follow up sessions with her later.”
Tania McD.

“Kerrie was great. She made us think about things that we would not ordinarily think about, however, were very pertinent to our lives. Discovered what was holding me back in the success of my business and how to manage bad days and stay motivated.
Kerrie, thank you, love your work.
Fiona Nadaya J.P.

“It was a lovely day.  Thank you so much for the workshop. It was an incredible experience.  The only thing I would change is to have a full day.”
Dr Elle Wagner

“I attended the Women’s Empowerment Workshop and I was touched greatly! Kerrie was great in taking the ladies through Mental Fitness and Inner Strength. The workshop helped me so much in dealing with my mental health and ways we can help ourselves overcome our mental fight. The workshop booklets were greatly outlined and everything we discussed is also in the booklet in case we need to check back in with ourselves. I truly recommend Kerrie’s workshops as she walks you through what you are struggling with and helps you stay motivated!” 
Veronica Fikri

“I found the Women’s Empowerment Program to be quite exciting. It really pushed my way of looking at things and definitely helped me to come out of my shell and trust my own instincts. I do feel more content.”
Cecil Poulter

“Kerrie is so kind and made me feel important and I matter. This program was amazing and a game changer for me. I know it will help me in my future life.”
Sharon W.

“I highly recommend doing this. I got so much out of it and am so happy I came across it.”
Mary Alexopoulos

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