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Motivational Book

My Secret Is

Your Secret

Learn how to unleash your inner fighting spirit
so you can conquer, flourish & thrive.

My Secret Is Your Secret

Learn the Secret to becoming an Unstoppable Force:

Kerrie Denton had always had a strong sense of self and she lived an active and healthy lifestyle. However, it was not until she suffered from a life-threatening illness that she fully appreciated how much your mental mindset can influence your outcome. In order to get better, Kerrie first needed to address her mental and emotional health, before she could address the physical.

Kerrie then learnt first-hand how hard it is to have to fight for your goals. After she conquered her health, Kerrie decided to share her exact mental training process that she did every single morning which she calls her “See it. Say it and Feel it process.” This is what set her up in an unbreakable state of mind.

Kerrie also has included a collection of her own powerful affirmations that she repeated throughout the day to keep her motivational levels sky high.

Extract from My Secret is Your Secret

“Motivation and willpower does not just happen overnight. You do not just wake up one morning and it is there. You have to continuously struggle to find it and then of course, to keep it.”

“You need to fire yourself up. Fight to stay motivated. Fight to keep focused and fight to just keep going. If you can conquer your mental mindset first, the physical aspect of action will follow.

Kerrie’s book teaches you how to develop that mental fight style toughness and her affirmations are so powerful, they can help you to feel unstoppable. This little book will motivate, encourage and inspire you to fight for your dreams and goals so you can live your best life possible.

It is so impactful because of its message, My Secret is Your Secret was selected to be part of the Hollywood Red Carpet Gift Bag for the 2018 Award Season including The Golden Globes, The Oscars and The Emmy’s.

It was also selected again for the 2020 Academy Awards. Kerrie was honoured to receive an invitation to attend a celebrity red carpet VIP event for the Oscars 2020 in Hollywood and she also received an award from the prestigious “Marquis Who’s Who in America” as someone of merit and global achievement after writing this book.

Oprah Winfrey gifted a copy of My Secret is Your Secret by Kerrie Denton at the Golden Globes Awards 2018.
You can view the press release here: http://www.medianet.com.au/releases/151779/

My Secret is Your Secret live on the Midday Show, Arizona March 2018. “Oscar Gift Bag for the major Hollywood Celebrities Academy Awards Weekend”

My Secret is Your Secret has been featured in many Australian magazines including Oxygen Magazine Australia. Women’s Health & Fitness and Good Health Magazine.

Kerrie has over 25 years of experience as a Women’s Health Practitioner specializing in personal development. She is also an International Certified Life Coach and International Certified NLP Master Practitioner. It is Kerrie’s professional training combined with her personal experience that makes this little book so exceptional.

Why not purchase your hard copy today so you can carry it around with you and get it out whenever you feel like you need a quick boost in motivation, or you can download it instantly as an ebook.

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Supermodel Janice Dickinson showing Kerrie so much support
and interest in her book My Secret is Your Secret.

Nicholas Kotselas, Mister Supranational USA 2018 loves Kerrie’s book.

Watch this video to find out why

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen”

–  Quote: Muhammad Ali


I was gifted by Belle the little book ‘my secret, is your secret’ when I was going through an extremely tough time a few years ago. The gesture itself was indescribable, and made me feel beyond what words can describe.
The book: WOW, it was exactly what I needed and it literally changed my life. My outlook on life changed as did the way I lived my life, I had the faith in myself now to make some very significant changes. I gave up junk food, smoking and started to eat healthy and exercise. Since then, I have shed 45kgs and life has changed in the most positive way. I carry it with me everywhere and refer to it all the time. The best gift of kindness I have ever received. Thank You


Wow, what an amazing book. This book hits you right in the face, in a nice inspiring way. You see a lot of books out there that all say the same thing, basically word for word… but this book is different! It is like she is talking to you, helping you every step along the way. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, or what you are struggling with, this book helps you with it all! Highly recommend this to everyone I know.

Empowering and Inspiring. Easy to read and keep in your handbag for an inspirational fix.

Amazing book that truly helps you no matter what your goal is

Belinda Fikri

Love this book


Thank you Kerrie!!! What a powerful little book. It helps you find resolve and ambition when you’ve forgotten how worthwhile you really are. 

Isabelle and Claire Evans

My Secret is Your Secret by Kerrie Denton is a small package that shouts out loud. As a take anywhere, power packed motivator, it provides the affirmations needed to achieve your goals.  ‘You ARE the power. You ARE the creator of your own destiny.’ Two clear and loud messages that can be found within My Secret is Your Secret. However, author Kerrie Denton makes it clear that it does not just happen, ‘you must be prepared to put in the hard work.’  There are a few things I love about My Secret is Your Secret and one is the compact size. This is a book that not only fits nicely in my hand but in my handbag as well. Being able to take My Secret is Your Secret with me is my motivating security blanket. Staying motivated and fighting your mind for what you want does not come easy. Kerrie Denton personally knows of the battle it takes to achieve and stay where you want to be. Knowing she can not be there supporting everyone all the time, she has created within My Strength is Your Strength a tool that is always there. With the subtitle of Fight Style, My Secret is Your Secret throws a powerful punch. It is more than just a book of positive affirmations, it is a five step process that helps you find your way and create your dreams.


This book is amazing. So simple although so powerful which covers a wide range of inspirational quotes that is required in everyday life. The fact that I can place it in my bag and read it at any time is awesome.

Senay Yilmaz

I would highly recommend this great book to anyone as we all have a moment where we need a little boost and this book definitely does that. Love it.

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