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Mindset Mentoring Session – Finalists for Mister Supranational USA 2018 Pageant

Mindset Mentor Session

In 2018, Kerrie was offered the opportunity to be the Mindset Mentor for the group of finalists who were competing in the TV Reality Show, “Mister Supranational USA Pageant” filmed in Hollywood, California. (Please see video above.)

Kerrie saw this as a tremendous opportunity to challenge herself as this was way out of her comfort zone. She had never worked with men before, only women. However, Kerrie approached her mindset mentoring the same way she would if they had all been female. She focussed on building self-confidence and how to develop and maintain a positive mindset when times get tough. Kerrie had a huge impact on these men proving that sometimes just one session can bring about a life changing result.

“Amazing” “Really Useful” and “Simple yet Powerful”

are just some of the words used by the participants.

Kerrie is extremely passionate about helping as many as possible to realize their dreams and sometimes, all you need to kickstart your journey towards personal growth and transformation, is just one session. A sliding door moment if you will.

Kerrie will inspire and encourage you, along with giving you tools and strategies that have helped many to break down personal barriers and achieve their goals.

So….why not give it a try? This is your time to conquer, flourish & thrive.

Positivity is a choice that becomes a lifestyle. Your most powerful weapon of all, is your mindset.


45 minute one-off session

$69.95 AUD

Via Zoom or WhatsApp, you will be taken through Kerrie’s “See it, Say it and Feel it” process which is her own recipe to achieve an unbreakable mental mindset.

You will also be taken through Kerrie’s 8 steps to possess and maintain positive energy PLUS you will be given a very powerful tool which you can use anytime, anywhere.

This tool when used properly, can boost your motivation, boost your self-confidence, calm and centre yourself and can even help you to block out negative energy should someone or something be trying to bring you down.

Note: As calendars are not always up to date, please email kerrietd@hotmail.com or phone 61 413382236 to discuss your preferred time prior to booking and to discuss any questions you may have in advance.


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Disclaimer: Kerrie Denton will not be held liable for any plan, program, material or techniques provided as results are not guaranteed. This service offers support and guidance only. Clients are responsible for their own decisions and actions. I do not recommend or guarantee any website links or articles provided on this website. It is provided for your convenience only. It is advised that a participant seeks me.