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Kerrie Denton - Life CoachWe continuously have a wealth of ideas swimming around in our heads but seem to have no time to sit down and develop them any further. Our self-talk is going haywire all the time and it is driving us crazy. We all know that if we intend to travel, we first need to make a clear and specific plan as to how we are going to get there. We know where we are going to stay and we select what sights we want to see. A personal development plan is something like this. The aim is to bring you some direction and to keep you grounded. It can give you more purpose and more control over your life.

First thing we want to do is to quieten that racing self-talk. To do this we need to put everything into perspective.

We all know that a little bit of this and a little bit of that does not necessarily make it a whole. However, a series of small achievements conquered one at a time will almost certainly add up to one big success. Here is a simple yet effective process that will help get you started. Now fist punch the air, roll your sleeves up and put pen to paper.

But Ladies – Priorities First. 

Kerrie Denton - Life CoachFind yourself a nice quiet comfy space. Get yourself a cup of coffee and start off with a few deep breaths. The more relaxed and calm you are, the more you are able to control your self-talk which in turn will help you to think clearer.

OK now that you are calm, it is down to business. Ask yourself the hard questions and remember it is just you alone with your own thoughts.

An effective personal development plan depends upon clarity. Therefore, just focus on one question at a time. Do not overthink and obsess on anything at this stage. You just want to get some of those ideas out of your head and into an action plan.

  • Select just one area you wish to focus on.

For example, is it your career? Is it improving your fitness? Is it your relationship? Ask yourself what is your main goal you want to address.

  • Now ask yourself what is the reason for wanting to focus on this area.

For example, if you selected your career, what is it that you are looking for? More financial security? To be more independent? Status? More Satisfying? More rewarding?

Try and come up with around 5 key reasons as to why you want to focus on this particular area.

Ask yourself how you will feel once you have achieved this. How is this going to improve your life? Really draw upon the emotion behind your reasons. This is a very important part of your personal development plan so take your time.

  • Choose a simple, straightforward goal.

Now that you know where your focus is going to be and you have identified your reasons it is now time to choose a goal. Quite often, the goal is the main focus point but I believe the end results which you have listed in your reasons is the main driving force behind success.

When your motivation begins to fade, it is your reasons that will remind you as to why you wanted this goal in the first place.

Your goal needs to be realistic and achievable. You need to break it up into chunks. Set short term goals leading into your long term goals. Set very clear timelines and stop and evaluate as you go.

Another great thing to do is prepare a safety net. List all the reasons you can think of that may sabotage your focus and then list next to it how you plan to overcome this. Some of the obstacles that we all face include lack of energy. One way to overcome this is to ensure that we have a healthy diet and exercise plan and factor in plenty of rest time.

Set yourself up with ways you can handle challenges so you are ready should they arise.

  • Gather your resources.

Make a list of your strengths, your skills, the tools you possess, your support network, anything and everything you can think of that will assist you with accomplishing your goal.

  • Daily Actions.

This is where it becomes real. Taking the necessary steps each day to realize your personal development plan is what will turn your ideas into a reality. Make a list of the few things you need to do on a daily basis which are going to help you to reach your goal.

If you set aside a few minutes every morning to recap what you did yesterday and what you need to do today that will bring you closer to achieving your desired outcome, will help to keep your focus alive.

About Your Guest Blogger: Kerrie is a Health Educator with over 20 years experience in women’s health. Professional Counsellor. International Certified Life Coach. Author. www.motivation2conquer.com.

Original article posted on: www.dynamicbusinesswomen.com