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Published By: Girl Bosses Australia


I am sure you have all heard of the connection between your MIND – BODY and SPIRIT. One of my favourite sayings of all, is that your body will not do, what your mind will not allow it to do.

Bringing out your inner fighting spirit means that you have courage, determination and an intense desire to never give up. You set a goal and that goal can be anything at all. It can be health & fitness. A desire to excel in your profession. A goal to save money. Finish an educational course, etc. etc.

THEN you need to accept that you must put your entire heart and soul in to achieving it. Hence, there is another saying and that is, if your heart is not in it, chances are – you most likely will not succeed.

“Fight” is just another word for struggle. A challenge that you have set for yourself and by tapping in to your inner fighting spirit, this can give you that extra strength needed to see it through.

However, it is far more than just having perseverance.

So how DO you unleash your inner fighting spirit?

There are actually a number of factors involved.

· Set your goal and set your expectations high. You definitely must expect to bring the best out of yourself. Your goal is super important. It needs to have a very strong emotional meaning to you. Whether it is to overcome an illness or you really want to earn more money. You must know first and foremost that you are prepared to be up for the challenge and it may not always be easy.

· Spend quality time working on your own self development. Believing that you are worthy and deserving of this goal will boost your self-esteem and feed in to your self-confidence.

· Energy. Everything we do requires energy. It is the force behind our very existence. Have a very strong look at what you eat. How much you exercise. How much sleep do you get. Do your practice relaxation techniques and address your everyday stress levels?

· Make a vision board and visualize the outcome that you want every single day. This will keep your goal at the front of your mind.

· Develop your own positive affirmation. Repeat this over and over throughout the day. It will become your mantra when you begin to lose sight of your goal and you begin to lose your momentum.

· Put in place your motivational safety net. This is your strategy that you will call upon when you need to dig down deep and draw on your inner fighting spirit to lift you up again.

· Always reinforce your WHY. This is your purpose and reason for setting this goal to begin with.

· Acceptance. Know from the very beginning that this may be really challenging and time consuming. Prepare yourself as to how you are going to overcome the obstacles along the way.

We are ALL fighters. Every single day we are fighting for something.

· Our quality of life

· Our security

· Our relationships

· Our right to have the best of everything

· Our continued happiness


We all possess that inner strength. That will to succeed and ofcourse an unbreakable fighting spirit so we can conquer & thrive. Call upon it and it will be there.

Kerrie Denton is a Health Educator. Motivational Coach. Published Author.

Certified Trainer NLP Practitioner Course.

Founder of Fight Style kd Determination Activewear.

Website: www.motivation2conquer.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/motivation2conquer

Facebook: www.facebook.com/motivaton2conquer

Email: kerrietd@hotmail.com