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Mindfulness Meditation Toolkit

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Size: A4
Pages: 50


This toolkit contains 14 scripts for you to practice:
  1. What is Mindfulness and what are the benefits?
  2. Tuning in to Your Breath.
  3. Resetting your Calm and Confidence.
  4. Stress Relief using Deep Breathing.
  5. Stress Relief – Soothing Ocean.
  6. Being as One with our Four Elements.
  7. Relieving Anxiety.
  8. Visualizing your Peaceful Place.
  9. Self-Love.
  10. Finding your Authentic Self.
  11. Bringing your Mind back from Thoughts.
  12. Dealing with Negative Thoughts.
  13. Calming the Raging River.
  14. Energy.


Printed Toolkit

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Printed Toolkits include a FREE GIFTChakra Healing Bracelet which is made up of 7 chakra beads and natural lava rocks. Plus Kerrie’s postcard outlining her 8 steps for Achieving & Maintaining “Positive Energy.”

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Some of the Mindfulness Meditation Toolkit Benefits:

Reduces stress and anxiety

Integrates and connects our mind, body and spirit

Increases focus and attention

Heightened connection to the world around us

Enhances self-awareness

Improves sleep patterns

Improves physical relaxation and reduces tense muscles