Self-Care & Balance Toolkit


This workbook helps you identify your personal values – what’s most important to you in life. Why does this matter? Well, our values influence what we do. How we think and how we feel about the world around us. When we do or see things that go against our value’s we feel sad, bad or get mad! And when we live life in a way that aligns with our value’s we feel great – we’re authentic, fulfilled and happy!


This toolkit contains 8 personal development resource tools:
  1. Personal Value Workbook.
  2. Letting Go Exercise.
  3. Self-Care Quiz
  4. Self-Care Check in Review.
  5. Wheel of Life Template.
  6. The Power of Saying No Workbook.
  7. Overwhelmed? Take Back Control.
  8. The Not to Do List.


What the Self-Care & Balance Toolkit Includes:

8 Personal Development Resource Tools

10 Inspirational

4 Saturday Journal

2 Monday Worksheets
Asking 5 Questions

1 Inspirational

1 Guided Meditation


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