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Self-Discovery Toolkit

$27.00 AUD

Size: A4
Pages: 53


This toolkit Contains:

10 personal development resource tools:
  1. Are you Sitting too Comfortable?
  2. Intuition & Dream Symbol Exercise.
  3. Role Model Confidence Boost.
  4. What Makes your Heart-Sing?
  5. Powerful Pondering Questions.
  6. Expand your Mind.
  7. Love Your Weakness.
  8. Mentor Magic.
  9. Daily Gratitude Diary.
  10. Draw out Your Gremlin.
10 Inspirational Quotes
4 Saturday Journal Prompts
2 Monday Worksheets


What the Self-Discovery Toolkit Includes:

10 Personal Development
Resource Tools

4 Saturday Journal

10 Inspirational

2 Monday Worksheets
Asking 5 Questions


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