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Self Love Confidence Toolkit

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Size: A4
Pages: 70


This Self Love Confidence toolkit contains:

12 personal development resource tools.
  1. Positive Personal Qualities Exercise – Over 120.
  2. Seven Day Self-Love Challenge.
  3. Daily Gratitude Journal.
  4. Monthly Gratitude Journal.
  5. Self-Love Journal.
  6. Seven Days of Self-Love Reflection.
  7. Monthly Happiness Audit.
  8. Step into Your Circle of Self-Love.
  9. Self-Confidence Workbook:
    1. Visioning.
    2. Beliefs & Values.
    3. Strengths/Success Mindset.
    4. Taking Risks.
    5. Reframing.
  10. Ten Steps to Self-Confidence.
  11. Identify Your Spark.
  12. Bring More Love into Your Life.
10 Inspirational Quotes.
3 Saturday Journal Prompts.
5 Monday Worksheets asking 5 Questions on:
  1. Review & Reflect.
  2. Create a Life You Love.
  3. Reignite the Power of Awe.
  4. Access the Power of Fun.
  5. Connect with Personal Values.


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What the ‘Self-Love Confidence’ Toolkit includes:

12 Personal Development Resource Tools

5 Monday Worksheets asking 5 Questions

10 Inspirational Quotes

3 Saturday Journal Prompts