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Stress Management Toolkit

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Size: A4
Pages: 80

What’s inside?

  1. What Exactly is Stress
  2. The Physiological Response to Stress
  3. Stress Quiz
  4. Stress Awareness Exercise
  5. Stress Awareness Journal
  6. Coping Strategies
  7. Guided Imagery
  8. Relaxation
  9. Mindset and Perspective
  10. Self-talk – Changing Negative to Positive
  11. Affirmations
  12. Journaling
  13. Healthy Foods – Eat to Soothe
  14. Exercise and Stress
  15. Massage Therapy
  16. Aromatherapy
  17. Art Therapy
  18. Poetry


Printed Toolkit

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Printed Toolkits include a FREE GIFTChakra Healing Bracelet which is made up of 7 chakra beads and natural lava rocks. Plus Kerrie’s postcard outlining her 8 steps for Achieving & Maintaining “Positive Energy.”

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What the ‘Stress Management’ Workbook includes:

Stress Quiz

Stress Awareness Exercise

And Much More!

Stress Awareness Journal