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Recently, I came across a Facebook post which was put up by WorkingWomen.com asking for comments on what you think makes a strong woman. But before I go in to that, I would like to report on what comments I received when I went out and approached men and women randomly in the street asking them what image first came in to their mind, when thinking of a strong woman. Surprisingly, without much thought, the most common answer was a woman wearing a power suit or a strong woman lifting weights in a gym.

However for me, a strong woman should not slip in to any category or come under any particular definition and although these characteristics are admirable, I was disappointed that this may be the stereotype attached to the meaning of what makes a woman strong.

Now going back to WorkingWomen.com. I would like to share with you some of the comments they received which truly touched my heart.

  • After suffering years of domestic, sexual and psychological abuse and then spending many months in a hospital fighting for life, decided that enough was enough.
  • One who wears a smile on her face but has a bleeding soul inside.
  • Strength to move on and make a better life.
  • A woman who follows her right to make her own decisions.
  • Believe in herself and have self-love.
  • To sit and endure chemotherapy through the day, then put a smile on her face and go pick the children up from school and help them with their homework.
  • Who never gives up on life no matter how bad it is.

As I read down the page, there was not one single comment about how one should dress or that strong muscles are needed. It is apparent that strength comes from within and it is that inner power women draw upon which helps them to carry on.

Here is what I see also makes a woman strong.

  • A woman that cries when she feels that she needs to.
  • A woman who asks for help when she is struggling.
  • Who stays true to what she believes in.
  • Who takes time out for herself without feeling guilty.
  • When a friend is in trouble and you race out the door to be with her no matter how dead tired you might be yourself.

I would like to share with you, a very touching story I recently saw on the 6 o’clock news. It was about a very special 18 year old girl who was sitting for her HSC. She has just endured a grueling weekly schedule of chemotherapy over a long period of time. When her cancer was first diagnosed, the doctor told this beautiful girl and her family that she had something like a 20% chance of survival. When her mother broke down, she said “Don’t worry mum, I am in that 20%”.


Strong women come from all walks of life and come from many different backgrounds. The most common thread that we all share, is that it is our story and our inner core which makes us all so very strong.

I would love for you to comment and share what you see makes a WOMAN STRONG. I believe this list shall forever be endless.

Kerrie Denton is a Health Educator with over 20 years of experience in women’s health.

International Certified Life Coach. Author My Secret is Your Secret Motivational Book.

Founder Fight Style Determination Active Wear.

Email: kerrietd@hotmail.com, Instagram: motivation2conquer

www.motivation2conquer.com, Facebook: My Secret is Your Secret/K. Denton

Original article posted on: www.girlbossesaustralia.com