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  1. Motivational Tips - Tiger EyesHave a vision board. This will keep your eye of the tiger focus on your goal.
  2. Make a plan and prioritize. You are more likely to be motivated if you do not feel overwhelmed with having to achieve too much. Choose one thing at a time and then focus most of your energy in to this.
  3. When you don’t feel like doing something, say to yourself “Ok, I will just start and do a little bit”. A small effort is better than nothing. Most often though once you get started you pick up and see it through.
  4. When your motivation begins to weaken go back to the why. Remind yourself of your purpose for wanting to do this in the first place.
  5. Listen to some powerful motivating music.
  6. Read an autobiography about someone who can inspire you.
  7. Keep a journal. Writing your thoughts down makes it real and will keep your goal alive in your mind.
  8. Bribe yourself with a reward. For instance, say to yourself I will go for a walk every day for 7 days and then after that, I shall treat myself to a pedicure or foot spa.
  9. Information is power. Learn all there is to know about what relates to your goal. For instance, if you wish to lose weight, educate yourself on all the health benefits that you will gain. Such as lower your risk of diabetes etc.
  10. There is a famous saying – If not now – when ??? Stop having to face the same challenge over and over. Set your goal and get it done once and for all.
  11. Allow a lot of natural light in to your home or work space. Sunlight is a great mood booster and can influence your spirits.
  12. Add bright colours to your environment. Bright colours are also a mood enhancer. Dark Motivational Tips - Supportgloomy colours can dampen your mood and make you feel lethargic.
  13. Have a great support network. Talk about your dreams and goals with a friend or family member as you can support and encourage each other.
  14. Don’t look at your goal as long term. This can be to0 overwhelming and daunting. Say to yourself “I can do this for a month.” Once you then see the changes and benefits after one month, then commit again for another month. Soon 6 months have passed.
  15. Practice the power of positive self-talk.
  16. Develop your own affirmations and repeat over and over throughout the day.
  17. Believe in yourself. In order to achieve something, you first need to believe that you can do this. Visualize how you will look and feel once you have achieved your goal.
  18. Eat healthy foods that will give you energy, not make you feel sluggish and down.
  19. Exercise daily. Exercise increases endorphins which is your natural feel good chemical that is produced in the brain.
  20. Have social time and fun. Nothing boosts your motivation levels like time out and recharging.
  21. Use social media. Join motivation groups on Facebook or Twitter. That way, you receive daily inspirational quotes and messages that can help keep you on track.
  22. Motivation and willpower is like a muscle. It needs rest and sleep in order to restore and strengthen.