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Published by mouthsofmums.com.au – 29th January 2020.

I am sure you are all familiar with the saying “out of sight, out of mind”. Well a vision board is designed to keep something at the very core and frontline of your mind. A vision board is useful as it brings to life your hopes and dreams. It acts as a daily reminder that you have a goal and you intend to achieve it.

The vision board is best placed in a position where it will be one of the first things you see when you wake up in the morning and one of the last things that you see before you go to sleep at night.

Your vision board can be made up of anything and everything you want it to be. You are simply bringing what is in your imagination out in to the open. However, you do need to be realistic. Your vision board needs to be made up of something that is truly possible to achieve.

Visualizing your goals is one of the greatest tools that you can have to help you achieve success in your life. When created properly, the use of a vision board can increase the activity of visualization through our minds. This is because when you add pictures, it brings it alive even more by enhancing your ability to visualize your end result.


Here are 5 ways you can benefit from using a vision board.

1. A vision board enables your dreams to become much clearer.

Dreams are very strong goals. Therefore, you need to make your goal extremely clear as to what it is you want to accomplish in life so you can then make a specific plan that will lead you to the results that you wish to achieve. Having fuzzy dreams and half thought out goals, will not take you very far. In your mind, you need to be able to see exactly what it is you want and then work out exactly what you need to do in order to achieve that goal. For example, if your dream is to travel around Europe, you could put up pictures of all the places you want to visit. Next to it, you could write how much you will save each week towards this goal and then what month you hope to go there. Essentially, you are bringing your dream alive by mapping out a plan.


2. A vision board can assist you to be more creative.


Visualizing your goals can help you to become more creative. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds that ever lived once said “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”.

Visualization assists you to put things into perspective and as a result, it makes you more creative in solving problems and devising a specific plan. You can harness your own power of creativity through the use of a vision board.


3. A vision board helps fuel your motivation.


If you constantly see yourself achieving your goals and focussing on the end result that you so desire, you will feel energised and in turn, remain motivated. This also helps you to become more productive and take action as your vision board is a daily reminder as to what it is you want to accomplish. Motivation inspires you to be more determined and passionate which helps you to remain committed.


4. A vision board gives you stronger focus.


When you take some quiet time to look at your vision board and visualize your success of what it is you want to achieve, it can actually improve your ability to focus. Hence, the more time you spend looking at your vision board, the more your focus may improve.


5. A vision board can increase your chances of success.


Vision boards can give you a great big boost in confidence as it helps you to see the light at the end of your goals. A vision board shows you the endless possibilities of what you can create and fuel your positive energy in to ensuring you remain committed. Your vision board represents your dreams and goals and can also aid to release your endorphins being your feel-good hormones so just by looking at your vision board, you can feel happy and excited. It can relax you and help you to destress as you delve into your imagination as to where you are heading. Your thoughts become your life. You see yourself doing something, you then act on it.


People who say they are literally living their dream almost certainly, had a vision board. Their desire became so strong by constantly seeing themselves achieve what they wanted out of life, they went out and literally made it happen.